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We sincerely welcome you to visit Zhongyou chain website. In the past 10 years of development, we have received the strong support of leaders at all levels and the cooperation of friends from all walks of life. Here, we express our heartfelt thanks.
 Every year is like a song. After more than 10 years of hard work, several generations of Huangshan Zhongyou have worked hard and made great achievements. The Zhongyou spirit and iron man spirit of "patriotism, entrepreneurship, realism and dedication" have been deeply integrated into the soul of the enterprise, and the core concept of "integrity, innovation, performance, harmony and safety" has become the core concept As our action guide, we take "do everything well with heart" as our goal, and strive to create and continue to write the brilliance of Huangshan Zhongyou chain company!
 Step into a new era, meet new challenges and create new brilliance. Today's Huangshan Zhongyou chain company is in the era of China's booming economy, increasingly perfect market development and increasingly fierce industry competition. We will adhere to the enterprise tenet of "common development of enterprises and employees, common development of enterprises and users, and common development of enterprises and society", adhere to the business philosophy of "winning users with integrity and opening up the market with brand", continue to uphold the concepts of safe development, economical development, innovative development, integrity development and harmonious development, and take serving the society and benefiting one side as our own responsibility In recent years, we should keep pace with the times, seize the opportunity, speed up development, and strive for the construction of a multi-functional, all-round, modern large chain production and sales enterprise.
 Unlimited network, unlimited communication, unlimited cooperation and unlimited opportunities. With a brand-new attitude, Frank mind, sincere cooperation and sincere service, friends from all walks of life are welcome to join hands with us to create prosperity.