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China's accession to the WTO, the earliest Chinese enterprises put forward the slogan of "quality first, customer first", "the user is God", has begun to "all for the user service, customer-centric The concept of "all for the user, customer-centric" has begun to change. Business operators are aware of the importance of the quality of the entire production process, without excellent product quality, there is no market, no users. In modern marketing, especially worthy of our study and reference Haier Group, Kolon, Gree and other famous brand enterprises to take the lead in the implementation of modern service concept to meet the requirements of the development of the market economy, won the market, won the user, fully confirmed the decisive position of enterprise service competition in marketing.

What is enterprise marketing service

From the point of view of marketing, marketing clothing is condensed in the physical commodity marketing, and shows as a multi-level comprehensive intangible product. Marketing service is not only a valuable gift, but also a kind of added value of commodity added value.

Service brings satisfaction to users

The concept of service has been summarized by marketing scholars since 1950s and 1960s. American Marketing Association AMA first defined service as "the activity, benefit or satisfaction used to sell or sold together with products". Any product condenses a lot of value satisfaction. From the perspectiveof marketing, "service" is to meet the needs of producers or consumers with labor services. Service is not limited to accepting orders, delivering goods, handling complaints and repairing. Any project that can improve customer satisfaction belongs to service. Li Weite, a marketing master, defines service  as "all kinds of characteristic behaviors and information that can make customers know more about the potential value of core products or services"; according to the term definition of? IS09000 standard: "service is the result of the contact activities between suppliers and customers and the internal activities of suppliers to meet the needs of customers"; Zhang Rui, President and famous entrepreneur of Haier Group Min believes that "customer satisfaction is the eternal pursuit". From this point of view, service is the bridge between goods and customers, and the emotional bond between enterprises and customers. Service is to care about customers. It is to understand customers' psychology in the marketing process, and provide customers with a variety of services or labor services in an effective way, so as to move customers, make them feel happy, comfortable and convenient, and meet their emotional needs, not just to provide simple and routine labor services.

Service is a "product" that users feel satisfied  before and after using the product

Service is "product". It is not only limited to the service of service enterprises, but also includes the service of production enterprises. The difference between physical products and service products is narrowing with the progress of the times. The only difference between a physical product and a 

service is that a service will never become a form of goods. Different from the research in

economics, marketing scholars study service as a kind of product. The economist said: "all activities that have utility and can satisfy consumers, such as workers' steel rolling and doctors' treatment, are productive." In a narrow sense, a product is just a collection of physical and chemical properties of a group of entities and non entities, which are aggregated in some form; in a broad sense, 

that is, from the point of view of marketing, besides the combination of physical properties, the product is also the desire and need that the buyer can meet. Marketing service is non entity, that is "commodity = product entity + service". If the physical part of the commodity has the same performance, but the service provided by the product is different, then from the customer's point of view, there are two different products. They have different procedures to meet the customer's

 needs, so the sales volume will be different. Consumers consider not only the product itself, but also all the additional services and benefits they can obtain.